Muscle Car & Corvette Nationals

Location: Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, 5555 North River Road, Rosemont, IL 60018
Cost: $25 at the gate, $20 pre-sale discount tickets through the show's website and several pre-sale ticket outlets listed on the website -
Time: Saturday, November 18th (9am-9pm) and Sunday, November 19th (9am-5pm)
This is one of the HOTTEST and most popular shows for ALL things musclecars, hot rods, Vettes, and just plain EXCITEMENT! Our club has quite a large number of Corvette owners, so this is a show you SHOULDN'T miss!!!

The show is a bit on the more expensive side, and it has gone up $5.00 this year. But this is an INCREDIBLE show that features cars you will ONLY see once in your life, and some cars you will never see again. Several Streeters have shown or will be showing their rides at the show this year as well, including a special showing of Streeters member, Jeff Schwartz's vintage motorcycle collection from his private museum in Woodstock.

The show, sponsored by none other than Mecum Auctions, has been a staple the last few years and draws folks from all around to see some of the coolest, rarest, fastest, and most unique pieces of Detroit muscle ever built! And when I say cool, I mean COOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!! You like Mopars? Maybe your into Vettes? How about Buicks and Olds?? CHEVYS!!! FORDS?? What ever your into, this show has that and more!

And we have an extra special bonus......longtime Streeters member "Demon Doug" Bergdahl will have one of his many cool Mopars on display at Mopar Alley!! Doug was invited by the show and this is truly an amazing honor, so come out and let's give "Demon Doug" our Streeters support!!!

Now the show goes Saturday, November 19th and Sunday, November 20th, and show times are from 9am-9pm on Saturday and 9am-5pm Sunday. Tickets at the door for each day are $25.
However, if you wish to purchase pre-sale discount tickets for $20, you can either click on the link on the show's website,
http://www.mcacn.com/index.htm, or you can visit one of several pre-sale ticket outlets to purchase tickets also listed on the website, one of them being in the McHenry area; Chris Bimbi State Farm located at 3425 West Elm Street in McHenry.

There will be concessions for food and drinks, but you if want a variety, take in some of the wonderful restaurants and eateries in the area for lunch or dinner.....especially the one, the only and BEYOND LEGENDARY.....GENE AND JUDE'S HOT DOGS!!! Located a few miles south on River Road, Gene and Jude's arguably has the BEST HOT DOGS AND FRIES, PERIOD!!!!