STREETERS Green Street Car Show DVD

We are very happy to announce the 2011 Green Street Cruise Night DVD! AVAILABLE 10/3!
The Green Street DVD is a compilation of the entire season in videos and photos, with music, interviews and LOTS more! It WILL be available for purchase at the Car Show Monday night 10/3.
Dan and Carole have compiled a nice compilation of Cars, Music, Interviews and pieces of many of the LIVE performances we've had down at the Green Street Cruise Night this year! Even more thrilling was seeing both a lot of familiar faces and rides of many of our fellow Streeters!

I can tell you that the DVD is packed with even MORE FUN this year as it's gone from last year's 55 minutes to an Hour and 40 minutes on the 2011 DVD!

A LOT of cars are featured on the DVD, with MOST of them being Streeters Club Cars (That's pretty much because the Streeters were ALWAYS there with the most cars, simply put).
Even if you were NOT able to make a Green Street Cruise Night, you might just be interested in purchasing a Green Street DVD.
"Classic Photo & Video" produced it, that company is owned by our two club members, Dan & Carol Olenick, BOTH of whom have put and are contiuing to put a LOT of Hours into this, a part of it, simply for the love of doing it and making this DVD for everyone!

The DVD is very professionally shot and put together, and many of you were able to see a sneak peak last Monday evening at the Green Street Cruise Night's "Grand Finale"! It's REALLY REALLY well-done and very fun to watch! Many thanks to both Dan & Carol for a the tremendous amount of work they've done on this. The DVD is about 1 hr and 40 minutes long. While the Sneak Peak had some of the footage in it, there will be much much more, and it will be similar but different from the preview everyone saw. Call it a "Teaser"!

VIEW 5.5 Minute DVD Trailer

The price of the DVD is ONLY $15.00. (If you pick it up).
To ship it to your home it will be an additional $5.00 with packaging ($20.00 Total).