Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup

Grouping Location: Ridgefield Road (Right next to the funeral home on Bull Valley Road across from Hospital.
This has been a great charity, Cause or Program that Streeters Member, Doug Everhart has organized with us since DAY ONE.
We have two more beyond that, (August & October).
Special Feature: The group (Those that wish to), may go out to lunch immediately following the Cleanup to either Culver’s or Happy Jacks in McHenry... Plan to join us if you can!

Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup on Bull Valley Road in McHenry, IL. (We are required to do 4 per year)
Meeting location: Ridgeview Road (Next to Colonial Funeral Home... We cannot park in the funeral home lot, but rather at the end of Ridge Road (It dead ends) as it can hold 15 cars or more)

We've had some great support for this so far, and we expect no less for 2015! This is truly a GREAT thing as well as a very simple thing we can do for our community and the roads we drive on. The short stretch of highway that we do clean up is the section of Bull Valley Road that begins from the West Side of Route 31 and runs to the Railroad tracks (Right by NIMC Hospital).

Our Road Signs along Bull Valley will remain up and we be giving back to the community by donating about an hour of our time 4 times a year.
With that said, WE NEED PEOPLE!
We are really, TRULY hoping to get more of people back, and entice some NEW Club Members and family to join us!
It is REALLY a LOT of fun and does a LOT of good, even if for one part of road. It's in front of the NIMC hospital and a very good stretch of road.
IT ONLY takes about an hour of your time, LESS time the more people we have help! After that we can all go out to get lunch together for whomever would like to.
It's always been a great time for those that have been involved, and several have found some nice or interesting treasures (Many of them being actual car parts) along the roadway. Whether you are a current or veteran Streeters member, we invite you to please join us and lend a hand. The larger the group, the faster it goes. For the past three outings, it has taken us an hour or slightly less to do both sides of the highway. I will have more info as we draw near the event, but we really hope to see a nice sized group of Streeters join us. Again, ALL STREETERS members are asked and invited to help out.
We DO need those who'd like to help out, to confirm so as we know how many Safety Vests and Grabbers to reserve from the County. Thanks everyone!

Est. time to complete: 1-2 hours (shorter depending on if the size of the group is larger; the more people, the quicker the cleanup!)

What you need:
- Good walking shoes
- Gloves of some kind (Optional)
- Cooler with beverages (If you want to)

Doug will bring the Safety Vests, Grabbers, and Bags...

For our NEW helpers, you must view the 9 minute "Safety Video” BY LAW prior to participating. You can do so by clicking on
THIS short video link

Doug Everhart
2517 Lakeview Drive.
Wonder Lake, IL. 60097
Questions for Doug? Call (815) 759-1984