The Northern Illinois Streeters... Where Family, Friends, Fun and Horsepower all come together!

KURT & CINDY HILL brings their '69 Pontiac Grand Prix (Kurt) and '75 Pontiac Grand Prix (Cindy). (10/17

John & Kim Graham of Bull Valley, IL brings a very cool, interesting and historical vehicle, a 1945 Ford GPW... Or as it might be better known to many of you, a Military Jeep. (10/17)

Mark Miller of Richmond, IL has 3 main rides include a very pretty 1930 Ford Model A 4-Door Sedan, a stunning 1964 1/2 Poppy Red Mustang Convertible and a very cool '69 blue Camaro SS 350. (9/17)

Keith Anthony of Round Lake, IL. drives a VERY POPULAR RIDE among the Streeters. A very cool, VERY FAST 1987 Buick Grand National... "Bad in Black!" (9/17)

Pat Kerin of Crystal Lake owns a stunning 1924 Ford Model A Stake Bed truck. It's VERY cool and being the Model A fan that I am... I'm thrilled to see another within the club as we have only a couple in the "Streeters Garage”! (7/17)

Roy Carlsten Jr. brings his gorgeous 1964 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe and a 1980 Chevrolet El Camino... we're glad to have them both. (7/17)

Hugo Garcia of Huntley, IL. drives a very nice and pretty cool '59 Chevy Apache pickup truck!

John Schopp from Carpentersville, IL has a unique vehicle, a 1933 Willys Sedan Delivery!

Mike and Gloriann Stangle of Crystal Lake, IL. bring us another Street Rod, a super cool 1931 Ford Hot Rod... A "RED & READY" 2-Door Duece Coupe!

Jeff & Leslie Weiler of nearby Spring Grove, IL drive a beautiful '68 Camaro.

Barry Beck, who comes from Grayslake, IL. Barry drives a very very nicely transformed '93 Mustang GT Hatchback that was once a strip car! It's a super clean white Fox-Body Mustang that will be a great match for another white GT Convertible of another Streeters member.

Mike Spadaccini joins us with a 1971 Plymouth Duster. Mike resides in the Elgin area and was referred by long time Streeters member Wayne Baastian.

Paul Finley of Antioch, IL. brings a pull-barn full of 4x4 vehicles, with 3 of his favorites being his classic '70 & '72 Ford Bronco V100s and his 1960 Jeep Wagoneer! Other vintage 4x4's in Paul's collection included other trucks and dune buggies!

Michael & Rhonda Chambers of Lake Villa, IL bring some "Late Model Muscle" to the "Streeters Garage", in the form of their very very capable 2013 Chevy Camaro 2SS/RS. (10/16)

Dennis & Laurie Wilkening of Harvard, IL bring their very cool candy red '69 Corvette Stingray to the Streeters Garage. (10/16)

Rudy & Janet Kay of Huntley, IL have several nice rides: a 1963 Chevrolet Corvette, a 1964 Ford Galaxie, a 1981 Chevrolet Corvette and his well seen 1998 Ford NASCAR Pickup. (10/16)

Kevin & Donna Kauppi of Pleasant Prairie, WI bring another Buick into the "Streeters Garage", this one being a 1976 Buick Riviera! (10/16)

Donald "Troy" Moritz of Barrington in his ride of choice, a 2007 Saab 9-3 Aero convertible; and his cool 1998 Harley-Davidson FLSTS Heritage Springer, (9/16)

Jim & Justine Bartell bring their VERY SWEET '34 Ford 5-Window coupe, complete with a functional Rumble Seat to the Streeters garage. (8/16)

Jason Motyka is a local to the area, living near the Pizza House in Johnsburg, IL. He brings a very cool '65 Ford Ranchero to the Streeters garage. (8/16)

Mike & Judy Hamann from Waukegan, IL own & drive a very NICE 1968 Chevy Chevelle 300. (8/16)

Jim & Justine Bartell from the McHenry county area drive a few different rides, with perhaps their coolest and vintage ride being a 1934 Ford 5-Window Coupe! Their other NICE rides include a 2002 Ford Ranger and a 2016 Cadillac SRX Sport Utility Vehicle. (7/16)

Lawrence and Amy Ten Pas bring several rides to the Streeters garage, including a 1939 Buick Century Sports Coupe, a 1951 Buick Super Riviera Hardtop and a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner!!! Talk about nice rides! (6/16)

Charene Levin drives a very sleek, very cool 1998 Jaguar XK8 Coupe... A fast fun import, that'll join a couple other Jaguars we have in the "Streeters Garage". (5/16)

Bob Glashagel of Twin Lakes, WI. 1995 Eagle Talon. Bob was referred to us by another Streeters member and owner of Quality Tires & Service in Johnsburg, IL; John Jindra, his boss.(4/16)

Steve and Kate Graf of Round Lake. List of Steve's cars... 1958 Plymouth Belvedere (Christine Clone in-Progress), 1970 Samco Cord Royale (1 of 40 made, Barnfind), 1972 Cadillac Sedan DeVille, 1978 Chevrolet Monza (Modified), 1978 Chevrolet Corvette Pace Car, 1979 Chevrolet Camaro (Modified), 1980 Shay Super Deluxe Model A, 1980 Chevrolet Monza (Modified), 1991 Ford Mustang (Modified)

Gail F. and Chuck Haskins come to us from Burlington, Wisconsin bring a "Late-Model" variety, a 2010 Ford Mustang. Gail is also a crew member for the #99 Late Model Street Stock race car of Rob Maule of Hebron, IL.

Doug & Gerise Bergdahl bring a simply STUNNING and VERY Rangoon Red '65 Mustang 2+2 Fastback to the Streeters garage. I got to see her Mustang and it is really ONE NICE RIDE! (11/15)

Jim Kolodziej joined us as a member of the Illinois Camaro Club. He brings a very wicked, and very sinister looking all black 2011 Chevy Camaro SS into the club... Not only wicked looking, but wicked sounding. This car is black from top to inside, to wheels and with a "Stinger" hood; it looks ready to romp! (9/15)

Tyler Sandeen of Shirland, IL brings his and his ride a 2009 Pontiac G8. This is a late model "Muscle Car" in sedan-form, a Super Sport Sedan if you will that Pontiac offered just before GM folded the division. A very worthy performer, built and sold in Australia as the Holden Monaro GT sedan (Think GTO with 4 doors). (9/15)

Randy Boesch and his wife Janice joined the gang at McDonald's for our Streeters Caravan to the BIG Elkhorn Classic Car Show in his beautiful 1964 Chrysler 300. (8/15)

Ron & Gail Marshall of Lake Villa, IL bring a very sweeeeeet 1965 Pontiac LeMans! We have a LOT of "Poncho's" in the "Streeters Garage", so Ron & Gail's ride will not be lonely! (7/15)

Jackie Williams of Ingleside, IL. brings a very cool '62 Ford Galaxie 500 Sunliner! WOW! What a beauty too! (6/15)

Amy Tobin of nearby Wauconda, IL brings a very sweet and "babied" 2003 Chevy Monte Carlo SS and a VERY COOL 2014 Ford Mustang GT/CS convertible; both sporting Chicago Blackhawk colors! (6/15)

Jim Scott and wife, Jodi bring a '73 Mustang Grande Coupe to the club! And this one is a bit special with a Factory Cobra Jet, 1 of 548 produced that year.... Very Very NICE! (5/15)

Bruce and Cindy Yocum from Carol Stream, IL. bring a 1968 Firebird 400 Convertible, a very nice '69 Camaro RS and their 1973 Corvette to the "Streeters Garage"! (4/15)

Mark Ortiz from Chicago, IL. has 3 NICE Rides... A 1955 Packard Caribbean to be exact! His other cars are a 1967 Chevy Chevelle SS396 and a 1970 Buick Skylark. (4/15)

Del Boyle from Grayslake, IL brings a 1954 Ford F-100 Pickup to the "Streeters’ Garage”. (4/15)

Rich Krueger of nearby Spring Grove, IL has a 1981 Dodge Van Custom. He's done some very ingenuitive wiring on the van to do some cool things for him. Rich is considering giving his van a "Streeters Orange" paint scheme as well.... Now that is one dedicated new member! (4/15)

Roger & Diane Cannon of Palatine are definitely "CHEVY" people and both Muscle Car and Corvette people! They have some cool Chevys to add the "Streeters Garage" that include a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro with a 502 Big Block, a '69 Chevelle and a C5, '99 Corvette!(11/14)

Jerry & Joan Bodden of Spring Grove, IL. Jerry is a SERIOUS Buick man, as he owns not one, not two, not three, but FIVE Vintage Buicks! A 1941 Super Convertible, a '36 Century, '63 Riviera, an '87 Grand National and a '90 Reatta! Yeah WOW! (11/14)

Jim Heinmen of Grayslake. Jim has two very vintage vehicles that we like to see, a 1941 Ford Coupe Deluxe and a 1952 Chevrolet Truck. Very very cool and another welcome addition to the "Streeters Garage"! (11/14)

Robert Olson of Waukegan also has some very vintage collector vehicles. A '35 Ford Truck, a '37 Ford Cabriolet and a '54 Mercury Sun Valley! WOW AGAIN! That '54 Mercury is definitely something unique! (11/14)

Gerry and Vickie Glowacki of Schaumburg! bring a classy 1970 Oldsmobile 442!! We already have several beautiful Oldsmobile muscle cars in the club and adding another definitely doesn't hurt!! (7/14)

Bob Wessel of Crystal Lake brings some awesome modern muscle to our garage....a 2010 Dodge Challenger SRT-8, a 2008 Chevy Silverado Duramax and a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP!!! LEGENDARY INDEED!!! (7/14)

Steve and Abby Fordham bring two amazing rides to the Streeters garage....a 2012 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe and a 1994 Chevy Camaro Z28! And the best part is that they are the original owners of both rides!! (7/14)

Frank & Kathy Bertzel of Hampshire. Frank's ride is one that we've been adding a few more of in the past few years to the "Streeters Garage".... A '65 El Camino! Obviously a car near and dear to "Streeter Joe's" heart! (7/14)

Don and Karen Shattuck come from McHenry and bring a really cool ride to the Streeters garage....a 1923 Ford T-Bucket!! How often do you see one of these?? (6/14)

John Sosnowski of Richmond, IL. was referred to us by two of our guys, both Mike Keller and Rich Saleski! John brings another Corvette to the Streeters, thus keeping our rep as one of the larger "Corvette Car Clubs”. John owns a very menacing black '99 C5 Corvette Coupe! John likes to drive the wheels off this thing, so we hope to possibly see John not only joining us at some future Streeters events, but also perhaps some great "Roadtrip" shows! (6/14)

Kenneth Cavanaugh and wife Darlene of Antioch, IL. were brought to the club by Streeters member and son, Kenny. Kenneth recently purchased his dream car, a very nice 1965 Ford Thunderbird. Now we don't have a LOT of "T-Birds" in the "Streeters Garage", so Kenneth's Bird is a very welcome addition to the club! (6/14)

Glen & Janet Detlefsen of Grayslake, IL. A 1968 Chevelle. That puts Glen in good company as we have a LOT of Chevelles in the "Streeters Garage" and even more GM "A-Bodies" in the great mix of vehicles we have! (5/14)

Dick and Diane Nott of Richmond, IL of Richmond, IL. Dick and Diane purchased their 2000 Viper with only 3400 miles on the Odometer last September, and want to get it out and run it, like it was meant to do! (5/14)

Bob Fencl of McHenry, IL. Bob brings a legendary 1966 Pontiac LeMans to the Streeters garage and is interested in joining us for shows, cruise nights and other fun events this season! Well he sure picked a wonderful time to join!! (5/14)

Joe and Pamela Perrott of Algonquin, IL bring a wonderful 2004 Chevy SSR to the Streeters Garage along with Charles and Danielle's '71 Nova! Sounds like the family cruises together stays together, which is what makes the Northern Illinois Streeters such a wonderful club and what we feel separates us from other clubs.(3/14)

Gil and Joyce Volling and Bob and Bernadette share a wonderful passion for the car hobby and bring an amazing 1977 Chevy Corvette to the Streeters garage! They are definitely in legendary company with our club having maybe one of the largest group of Corvette owners around! (3/14)

Scott White
from Colona, IL. He is a HUGE Buick fan and has several Buick muscle machines to add to the garage, including a 1970 Buick GS Stage 1, a '70 Buick Skylark Convertible and a '70 Buick Skylark 4dr! He also has a wonderful Buick Skylark/GS/GSX Facebook page you should check out!

Jeff Bishop and Dana Urban from Ingleside, IL. They bring an awesome 1982 Chevy El Camino to the Streeters garage and it's always awesome to see more El Camino's joining our amazing group of cool rides! (2/14)

Charles and Danielle Perrott of Huntley, IL. They bring a slick looking 1971 Chevy Nova to the Streeters Garage!! We already have some really awesome Novas in the club and adding another one definitely doesn't hurt!

Jake Jackson of Huntley, IL. Jake was referred to us by fellow Streeters member, Jere' Wittig. Jake has a late model 2000 Chevy Camaro SS.(8/13)

Todd and Cindy Stack of Algonquin, IL. Todd was referred to us by fellow Streeters member, Jere' Wittig. We have a LOT of Mustangs in the "Streeters Garage" and we are always happy to bring in another one. This one is a late model as it's a 2006 Ford Mustang GT. Let's welcome Todd and Cindy with open arms to the Streeters as we hope they can join us soon for one the many events the club participates in! (7/13)

Brian and wife Cheryl Duensing were brought to us by fellow Streeters member, Jere' Wittig. They come from our Southern Region, Geneva, IL. to be exact. Now we have a bunch of different types of rides within the club, and although a Camaro is not really different so much, it's not often we get a nice 3rd Generation Camaro in the club. We have a couple, but now we have I believe our first IROC-Z Camaro in the "Streeters Garage". This one is a 1987 model year! Very cool! We'd like to welcome both Brian and Cheryl to the Northern Illinois Streeters! (05/13)

Jeff Rausa and wife Irene of Wonder Lake, IL recently joined the Streeters at the Lil' Hershey Car Show this past Sunday. Jeff had mentioned that he sees our club shirts and cars at car shows everywhere and a few of his neighbors in Wonder Lake are also Streeters members! So Jeff thought it was time he joined in the fun! So let's welcome Jeff and Irene into the Streeters with open arms as well as making a spot for his very cool '35 Plymouth in the Streeters Garage! (5/13)

David Plahuta of Antioch, IL. owns a very vintage, very classy, 1953 Buick Roadmaster! Nice! Now as I said, we have a LOT of gorgeous vintage Buicks in this club, but I believe David NOW can boast about owning the OLDEST one in the club! (05/13)

Keith and Trina Kasch... Also of McHenry. Keith was brought to us by another long-time club member, and another favorite amongst the Streeters family, Pasquale (Pat) and Jeannie Gebbia. Keith too drives some "Vintage Gold" with his 1964 Ford Galaxie 500! Very nice! (03/13)

John and Nancy Lawson of McHenry were brought to us by a couple of favorite long-time club members Wally and Laurie Lawson. John is Wally's brother and now the proud owner of Wally's former ride, his very cool 1962 Oldsmobile F85 Cutlass. This is called "Keeping it in the family" and we are always happy to see that! Especially with that rarely seen F85 Cutlass, that of which we hope to see more of this coming Car Show/Cruising season! (03/13)

Stan Cwikla of Lake Villa was referred to us by Streeters member, Dwight Hochbaum. Stan was interested in joining after hearing about us, so I gave him some direction over the phone to navigate thru our great website to get him to a Club Registration Form. And that was as simple as it gets when it comes to signing up a new club member.
Stan brings us another Camaro into the "Streeters Garage", a 1977 Camaro... I believe the first '77 we have. Our "Camaro group" has been growing in size over the past few months, which is great to see! And Stan's the man with the latest Camaro in the club. (11/10)

Linda Thielen of Elgin joined us Sunday, 11/14 as a guest of Streeters member, Diane Braman. Linda brings us another beautiful Chevrolet Corvette. This one's a '69 Stingray! ... you are in good company as we have many, many Corvettes! (11/10)

Francis Dominise of Hoffman Estates found us by way of I invited him to come join us, can check us out and well... He did! Both himself and girlfriend Lyne came out to join us Sunday, 11/14. Francis fits right in with our "Young Guns" group, as he is also part of the "Sport Compact" set. Francis' cars include a very cool '98 Hyundai Tiburon FXT and a '98 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS.(11/10)

Gary & Colleen Good of Mchenry sat down with us Sunday,11/14 and enjoyed a good breakfast after coming along with Streeters member Doug Moscrip. Doug was the one who convinced Gary to join our little group. Now Gary owns the 2-wheeled kinda ride, as he drives a 1989 Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic. We welcome Gary and Colleen to ride alongside us to some events next year and to join us for another club breakfast or two or three or more as well. We've got a few bikes within the club and we always welcome more! (11/10)

Monica Adriansen has been with us for a while, but not listed as an individual member as both Monica and husband, longtime Streeter Mike Kundit attend many events together. Still both have their own rides, and Monica's is nothing to keep under wraps, as her Orange '68 Dodge Charger. Monica recently raced her Charger up at Union Grove during a "Ladies Night" competition! Now that's "Girl Power"! (10/10)

Diane Braman and Bryan joined us today at the Toys for Tots Run to Volo. Diane and Bryan live in Elgin, IL. and Diane brings us another Corvette into the "Streeters Garage"... A 1966 Corvette. We have GOT A METRIC TONNAGE of Corvettes in the Streeters, more so than that of some Corvette Clubs themselves. Pretty COOL! (10/10)

Ron Basik of Lake Villa brings us a family of NEW Streeters, that also include Jeff Jackson and Andrew Jackson. Their rides? A 1984 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 H.O, A 1993 Honda Del Sol and a 1994 Mazda RX-7... ALL GREAT CARS and quick cars too! (10/10)

Allen & Karen Gableson of Huntley, recently joined the Streeters, not long after acquiring their NEW RIDE, a 2010 Mini Cooper. Al & Karen also happen to be the parents of Streeters member, Kim Gableson. Al & Karen have since been showing off their ride at a few of the recent Green Street Cruise Nights. Quite a FUN little car! (10/10)

John and Lori Valus of Mchenry has three nice rides, two Ponchos and a Ford. Johns rides include a 1967 Pontiac GTO (We have a great large collection of these in the club), a 1981 Pontiac Firebird and 1959 Ford Thunderbird... Definitely a good addition the "Streeters Garage" (10/10)

Neil & Judy Anderson of Spring Grove has 3 really interesting cars, all convertibles too! And two are British... Let's begin with the 1952 MG-TD, follow that with the classic 1965 MGB, and then for the American ride in his garage, a gorgeous 1965 Pontiac Catalina Convertible. (10/10)

Russell Snider of Libertyville adds another Corvette to our Large parking are of of Vettes in the "Streeters Garage"... a 2004 C4 Chevrolet Corvette. His other ride is a very rare, 1993 Cadillac Allante. (10/10)

Tom & Judy Bruin of Cary joined us recently as well. Tom has a very sweet 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby Tribute car. His other nice ride is also a Ford, by way of a '57 Ford Thunderbird... NICE! (10/10)

Robert & Esther Cott of Crystal Lake, IL. recently joined the Streeters and they bring a beautiful 1968 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS into the Club. We've been building our lot of Camaros in the club and it's great to see another beautiful one in the "Streeters Garage", particularly another 1st Gen car. (10/10)

Steven Cwynar of Round Lake came on board thru Chris Sincora, daughter of Streeters member, Craig Sincora. Steve is Chris' boyfriend and now the "Official Driver" of Craig's '67 Pontiac Grand Prix whenever they go out to car shows as a family... Hmmmm can anyone say "Wedding gift"? Hey it happened in the "Hangover"! (10/10)

Tim Klapperich of Wonder Lake has one of my favorite body styles and years of the Mustang, as he has a '73 Ford Mustang Mach 1... A very underrated and very cool car... It's the biggest Mustang yes, but long and sleek and that "sportsroof"... VERY COOL! (10/10)

Dan Morton of Buffalo Grove owns a very sweet looking 1970 Chevrolet Nova. I saw it at the Green Street Cruise Night and all I can do is restate my first description... NICE! (10/10)

Larry Reisner of West Dundee was brought to us by fellow Streeter, Wayne Bastiaans. Larry has joined us for a couple of events already after joining the club at the Milk Pail Car Show back in early September. Larry has two rides, and one of them is yet another '73 Ford Mustang, only this one is a convertible. It's nice, and again, we definitely need more of these early '70's Mustangs in the club. Larry's other ride adds one more "Tri-Five" to our Stable of '55 - '57 Chevys! Larry rolls in a very cool '57 Chevrolet Bel Air! (10/10)

Jon Schwartz of Dundee has two very interesting cars, both British, and both spectacular. Jon's first ride is a very racy looking 1936 Aston Martin Ulster, while his second car is a the elegant 1937 Jaguar SS-100... I'm likin' them already and being a fan of European sports cars, I look forward to seeing them. (10/10)

Florian & Marilyn Wiswiewski of Mchenry have a ride that resonates through my blood vessels, with me being a Mopar guy by blood. Their ride? A 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury! Early '60's Mopar Muscle at it's finest! Nice! (10/10)

Bob Barta of Cary, Illinois drives two very cool and two very different rides... Still welcome additions to the "Streeters Garage"! Bob's first ride surely qualifies him for our "Pro-Street Division" of the Streeters, as he drives a very wicked looking '41 Willy's Coupe. I believe the first Willy's we have in the club too. Surprisingly with nearly 300 members and still only one. Nevertheless, to be unique is always a good thing. Bob's second ride, is a very nice '65 Chevrolet Chevelle. We have a few of these within the Streeters Garage, but another nice one is always welcome! (8/10)

Dean Greenstreet of Mchenry, IL. came to us through our Club Website as I received the info on Saturday night. Dean brings another nice Corvette to the "Streeters Garage" A Millenium Yellow 1975 Corvette. (8/10)

Barb Wise, daughter of fellow Streeters members, Bob and Linda Weidman has joined us on many occasions at several club events. Barb has met up with us at grouping points, parked with the club and came out to several club outings with the club. She's always been part of the club, and now she is making it official and joining the Streeters once and for all... And we are very glad to have her join us. Barb lives in Lindenhurst and she will be driving her Dad's very cool '72 Corvette Roadster... as she makes it her own (Uh oh Bob!), and enjoys driving the car whenever she can. She's a fun gal, and everyone's always welcomed her when she simply came along with Dad driving the Vette. Now she is an official club member, so let's all welcome Barb with welcome arms! Barb last joined us at the very recent Gary Lang Car Show along with Dad in fact. (8/10)

Tony and Shannon Camarata of Spring Grove, IL. Tony and Shannon came up to me asking how to join the Streeters, as they came up to the head "Cheeseball" directly. Yes, I speak of myself. Now Tony & Shannon bring us a couple more Camaro's into the "Streeters Garage"... Both absolutely STUNNING! A 1970 Camaro Z28 and a 1979 Camaro Z28. Both were just sweeet looking today. Their 3rd car I hope to see soon as it was not there today was their 1973 Oldsmobile Cutlass S! Nice. I think that is the FIRST '73 Cutlass we have in the "Streeters Garage". Both of them told me that their reason for wanting to join the club was that they see the Streeters EVERYWHERE, and they are correct. (7/10)

Ken Olsen comes to us by way of Streeters Member, Tim Wong. If the last name sounds familiar to some, it's because Ken is the son of former Streeters member, Bruce Olsen. Bruce passed away in 2008 as many of you know, and Bruce's gorgeous rides went to his family. Ken was fortunate and honored to take the possession of his father's white 1967 Pontiac GTO. Ken is ready to follow in his fathers passion and hobby and join us for some future events with the GTO. Welcome aboard Ken, your father would be very proud. It'd be great to see the GTO out again! (7/10)

Our next NEWEST member of our family was referred to us by fellow longtime Streeters member, Rich Zurek.
Dan & Debra Rubinger of Crystal Lake, IL. come to us with another Corvette to the "Streeters Garage"... And I say another Corvette, because we have so many great Corvettes in this club, that we've really become an under-rated Corvette Club in many ways. We have some tremendous Vettes, and great owners. Now we have one more. Dan and Debra's ride is a very very nice 1978 Chevrolet Corvette. Welcome to the Streeters, we're happy to have you with us! (7/10)

I met
David Stromberg at the Richmond-Spring Grove Car Show. David and his wife Janice live in nearby Ringwood, IL. David found out about our club at the Green Street Cruise Night. David has one of the most beautiful and iconic looking 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertibles that you will ever lay your eyes on. Turquoise, two-tone matching interior, fenderskirts, wide whitewalls, continental tire, extended bumper... Absolutely gorgeous car, and real beauty for the "Streeters Garage"! It was a pleasure meeting David and we're very happy to welcome both himself and Janice into the Northern Illinois Streeters car club! (7/10)

Dennis Leo & Linda Nett of Mchenry, IL. bring us a very pretty 1965 Ford Thundebird Convertible into the "Streeters Garage". We met Dennis at last Monday evenings Green Street Cruise Night where he met several Streeters members and joined them in the Streeters Lounge for some cooling off. We're very happy to have both of you aboard, and that is one beautiful T-Bird Dennis! Keep it rolling! (7/10)

We picked up
Craig Schaedel of Mchenry at the Fiesta Days Car Show last week. This is where Craig took an award for one of his sweet Mustangs he had there, his 2000 Ford Saleen Mustang. It was a bit sinister looking to say very least. His other ride is a 1968 Ford Mustang Convertible. We have a lot of Mustang Coupes in the club... A LOT... But not a lot of Convertibles. And Craig is bringing BOTH cars to the Founders Day Parade this coming Saturday! Now that is jumping into the club with BOTH FEET! Great to have you with us Craig! Streeters Member, Wally Lawson met him and signed him up that morning.(7/10)

Russell & Jeannie Schultz of Antioch, IL. were brought to us by Streeters Member, Paul Van Steenberg. We picked them up at last weeks Fiesta Days car Show as well. Now Russell brings us something we simply don't have and something I personally like... A 1962 Oldsmobile F85 Cutlass! Hey I've got a model kit of this car that I've been wanting to build for a long time and maybe I can get some great reference photos from Russells! Welcome to the Northern Illinois Streeters Russell... Jeannie! Glad to have you with us. (7/10)

Devin Smith of McCullom Lake, IL. was at the Gary Lang Car Show today and was brought to us by friend and fellow Streeter, Nicole Thomas. We have another pony for our BIG Horse Corral, as Dennis drives a 1965 Ford Mustang Coupe... Trust me Dennis, you are in good company here! Welcome aboard Dennis! We hope to see more of you and your pony! (7/10)

Bob Stock of Cary IL. was at Gary Lang today when Streeters member, Wayne Bastiaans brought him over to introduce me. Bob brings us another Mustang, but this one being one from the eighties... An '84 Ford Mustang to be exact. And I will mention this one too, as he too is in good company with all the late model Mustangs, but Streeters member, Kurt Wendt, recently added a 1982 Boss Mustang to the "Streeters Pony Corall". (7/10)

Jere' & Dawn Wittig of Crystal Lake has one BADASS truck too! His ride, the FASTEST production pickup EVER produced, and YES, it is a Mopar too! A 2004 Dodge Ram SRT-10!
For those who don't know what this truck is... Basically combine a Dodge Viper with a Dodge Ram Short bed pick and "Wha-La!" A monster 13 second truck harboring a complete Viper drivetrain! He's got a few custom touches added on as well, to make one sweet and tire-scorching ride! Jere' walked up to me at Gary Lang and asked about the club and joined our phenomenal collection of people and cars right away. Not only that, but Jere' also committed to joining us for the Founders Day Parade this Saturday. He'll get a LOT of popping eyeballs there to be sure! (7/10)

I met
Doug Moscrip at the Barris Car Show at Volo, a very nice guy with a car that I have a common bond with already. Doug drives a really nice '69 Chevrolet El Camino and lives in Buffalo Grove, IL.  Doug came to the Green Street Cruise Night last night and pulled in next to my El Camino... Gotta say Doug, that was very cool.  I also wish to thank Doug for donating some award plaques and some new Die Cast cars to the Raffle Prize collection at the Green Street Cruise Night.  That was very generous, and very typical of the club members we have in this club. (7/10)

Ralf Pursche joined at the Green Street Cruise Night.  Ralf lives in Island Lake, IL. and adds another Corvette to the already impressive collection of Corvettes we have the "Streeters Garage".  Ralf's ride is a 1974 Chevrolet Stingray Corvette Convertible.  Ralf was referred to our club by a neighbor of his.  I believe we have TWO '74 Corvette Roadsters in the club now.  Welcome Ralf! (7/10)

Bill and Jody Spires of Machesney Park, IL.  Bill was referred to us by another NEWER member, the very own "Doc" Bryan.  Bill drives three cars into the "Streeters Garage", all Chevys, all cool, and two that we have many spots open for in our garage. Bills collection includes a nice '67 Chevrolet Nova, and not one, but TWO 1968 Chevrolet Camaros, one of them being an SS!  Very Nice!  We've gotten a recent addition of needed Camaros and it's great to have a couple more '68's!  Welcome Bill... welcome Jody! (7/10)

Tim & Leslie Edstrom of nearby Algonquin, IL.  were referred to the club by fellow Streeters member, Paul Van Steenberg. We had only ONE 1964 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe in the club, but now we have TWO as Tim & Leslie's ride adds yet another Corvette into the Streeters Garage with their '64 Vette Coupe! (6/10)

Kraig "Doc" Bryan & his wife Tammy are two members that I've hoped for some time that they would join our wonderful group of Streeters, as they are simply two more great people to add to the Club Roster. Some of you know me as a BIG AMC Fan and two of Doc's cars hit the target square on!  Let's start with our first S/C Rambler American to park in "Streeters Garage"... This is a '69 and very fine!  Not to be outdone for the "Pony Car" fans is his Black and beautiful '73 AMC AMX Javelin with the Pierre Cardin interior... While I love the S/C Rambler for what it is, this one is my fave... It's fast, and sexy in black and just looks damn good!  You'll agree with me when you see this car too.  Now for the Ford guys, and yes... we have a TON of Mustangs in the "Streeters Garage", however we only have a couple of these, so why not one more?  This is one of Doc's Recent additions, a '69 Ford Mustang Mach 1.  I saw this for the first time last weekend at the Father's Day show in his display, and I can say it's sweet!  Parked next to that is another one of Doc's recent rides... his 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS in Cranberry Red.  Now yes, we have a parking garage full of '70 Chevelles in the club, but this is our first Cranberry one.  NICE. Now his last car is actually Tammy, his wife's car... And another NEEDED car for our garage, and If I recall our FIRST 2010 Camaro.  Tammy has a Red Camaro RS... Very nice ride Tammy!  I know our Assistant Director of Events, Kimmee will want a ride... maybe a drive! (6/10)

Our next couple of members also own and drive a GM "F-Body"... to be more specific, a 4th Gen F-Body, a 2001 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am.  We've got a TONNAGE of Ponchos in the club, but again, not a lot of Firebirds... So this is a very, very welcome car for the "Streeters Garage"!  This car is owned by our NEWEST Streeters Member, Jason & Mirna Monroe who live in Pell Lake, WI.  (6/10)

NEW Streeters member, Bryan Nischke, referred his friend
Robert Sarbinski and wife Janice of Huntley to us. Robert also brings us a car that I was just saying the other day that we don't have many of in the club.  His car? A very cool 1990 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z28! (6/10)

Dan Brown of Bull Valley, Illinois sent me his registration through the mail.  He was referred to the club by several enthusiastic Club members... I am guessing from LAST WEEKS GIANT Green Street Cruise Night!Dan brings us another very nice '70 Chevrolet Chevelle SS into the "Streeters Garage"!  His second ride is of the Ford livery, a classic Ford Explorer F100 Pickup! Very nice! (6/10)

Don Hens was brought to us by Streeters Member and Friend, Ron Kirkpatrick at the wildly fun Antioch Show this past Sunday. Don has a very cool and Badass lookin' '87 Buick GN!  We have several of these in the club, and they are FAST & COOL!  Don lives in Winthrop Harbor, IL. (6/10)

Andrew Raniszewski of Antioch, IL. found us at the Antioch Show too.  Streeters Member, Erol Gladan referred him to the club. His ride?... An '85 C4 Corvette!  We are really an underrated Corvette Club for as many Corvettes that we DO have... And it's always nice to welcome another one into the "Streeters Garage". (6/10)

I've known
Marc Polizzi of McHenry since last year's BIG Antioch Show.  Now you all know that I have several makes of cars in my garage, but I STILL have "Mopar Blood" running through my veins...  So Marc's rides, particularly his '74 Dodge Challenger is something I am already a fan of.  Marc also has a very nice modern Mopar, a 2001 Dodge Neon R/T... Pocket Performance indeed! (6/10)

Streeters member, Doug Gardner referred
Tory Kruczek and his wife Sandy to us. Tory & Sandy reside just to the North in scenic Bristol, WI.  Now Tory's ride is one that we just simply don't have enough of in the "Streeters Garage", a Camaro... A '69 Chevrolet Camaro SS in Hugger Orange with white Houndstooth Interior.  It's a numbers matching car and very, very sweet!  Tory is also a fan of the Iola Old Car Show in Iola, WI...  Turns out we've both been attending this show for over 20 years.... Pretty Cool I'd say! (6/10)

Tom Fairbanks of Wonderlake, IL. brings us another great Pontiac to our GIANT "Streeters Garage". This is in addition to a large group of Grand Prixs that we we have.  Tom drives a very sweet 1965 Pontiac Grand Prix. (6/10)

Daniel Field of Island Lake, IL.  Dan has three very nice rides... One of them very rare and truly unique! Dan has a 1969 Oldsmobile 442, a '69 Datsun 2000 Roadster (This one is truly a unique one), and 1994 Mercedes SL600.  An ALL-American Musclecar, a classic Japanese Sports car and modern German classic.  Dan found out about us the inaugural "Green Street" Cruise Night in McHenry. (6/10)

Bryan & Kimberly Nischke of Lakemoor, IL. Bryan & Kimberly drive a very, very cool '64 Ford Fairlane 500 Thunderbolt Tribute Car!  Now that is seriously cool and quick! Retro Muscle and Classic Ford!  Very very nice!  Bryan was referred to us by Streeters member, Jim Thompson, who drives a related car, that very sweet '63 Ford Fairlane 500 of his. (6/10

Norman and Sharon Carr of Marengo, IL. have some pretty impressive rides... Not to mention a pretty impressive barn where the cars are stored. They have some cars I would love to have... Seriously... I only saw two in person, and both are simply beautiful... One even beastly! Their most gorgeous car simply HAS to be their 1950 Oldsmobile 88 convertible.... All black, simply stunning!  The other car, a brutish beauty, was their 1996 Dodge Viper GTS Coupe.  The Pace car, that even has the Indy pace car flags with the car.  Another sweet ride they have is a 1970 Buick Riviera.... Also in a stunning black.  They also have 3 other classic cars, one of them I believe to be a '70 Dodge Challenger with very low mileage. (06/10)

Wes & Lorri Woodall of McHenry, IL. own a very interesting and very cool car... Something we did NOT have in the club until now... A very cool 1956 Chevrolet 150 2-door Wagon.  People who really know me, know I LOVE wagons, and this one easily fits the bill, and fits right into the "Cool" slot of the "Streeters Garage"! (06/10)

Joe & Sherry Loy of Johnsburg, IL - Season Opener at Miller's Dog & Suds in Ingleside brought out one of the BIGGEST TURNOUT of cars and people EVER in Miller's History. This despite the Hawks 1st game of the Stanley Cup Finals. One of the cars there was a very nice 1965 Rambler 770 Classic!  YES!  Another Rambler/AMC! This is the car of our NEWEST Streeters members, Joe & Sherry Loy of Johnsburg, IL.  I was fortunate to meet both Joe and Sherry, and both are simply wonderful people and and a great addition to the Streeters!  We're glad to have them both and hopefully we will see a LOT more of them and their Rambler! This is one of those cars that you will only see ONE OF, wherever you go, unless it is an AMC ONLY show.  A very pretty '65 indeed. Welcome aboard to both of you! (05/10)