Maritime Site Provides Resources for Injured Workers is a site that was created by experts in maritime law, medicine, the military and the Merchant Marine. The site is designed to provide a comprehensive set of resources and information for anyone interested in maritime law, but particularly for those who work in the maritime industry or serve in the U.S. Military.

Maritime law is important for several reasons, but mostly because it protects maritime workers, supports a strong U.S. maritime industry, and because it supports the military. One of the most important of all maritime laws is the Jones Act. It provides maritime workers with legal rights to seek compensation after injuries on the job. It also ensures that the maritime industry in the U.S. is supported, save, up to date, and prepared to supplement the U.S. Military in times of war.

Anyone who works in the industry, which includes ship captains and crew, longshore workers, offshore workers, and so many more, should be aware of what maritime laws are and how they support and protect these workers. At you can read more about these laws, how they apply to you, and you can get the resources and support you need in the event that you suffer an accident or an injury while on the job in the maritime industry.